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Hovermale Law Practice AreasAt Hovermale Law we represent people with injuries from medical malpractice and other negligence.  Over the last 30 years we have successfully resolved cases in just about every medical specialty.  These practice areas highlight some of the types of cases we pursue regularly:

Hovermale Law: Birth Injury Medical MalpracticeBirth Injury

A family's lives can be forever altered by an injury or death caused by negligence at birth. Victims who survive such negligence often require a lifetime of expensive professional care. Finding out whether the birth injury claim is viable depends on retracing what happened at the birth and whether it caused the damage; proving this is a long and usually fairly expensive process.

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Hovermale Law: Failure to Diagnose Cancer Medical MalpracticeFailure to Diagnose Cancer

While the medicine differs somewhat with different types of cancers, some general principles apply to the analysis of all failure to diagnose cancer cases. It is often best to work backwards in the analysis and tackle the question of proximate cause first. That is because even if there was a negligent failure to diagnose in a timely fashion, if the delay in diagnosis caused no further harm, then the case will fail.

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Hovermale Law: Surgical Injury Medical MalpracticeSurgical Injury

Surgical injuries are relatively common. Usually, one of the written risks of surgery presented to a patient is surgical injury to some of the surrounding anatomical structures. The knife can slip, even under the most careful hands. Cases of surgical negligence become viable medical malpractice cases when the surgical injury is either not appreciated or worse, ignored.

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Hovermale Law: Medical MalpracticeOther Medical Malpractice

The range of medical errors leading to injury is as broad as medicine itself. Some of the more common areas are surgical injuries, post surgical infections, nursing negligence, improper drug prescriptions, orthopedic injuries, and radiology failures.

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Hovermale Law: General Negligence LawGeneral Negligence

General negligence cases include products liability claims, construction site accidents, severe automobile collisions, premises liability, and inadequate public event security cases. Sometimes the question of who is liable is clear; other types of general negligence cases are very difficult to prove and are vigorously defended. The larger the case value, the more incentive the insurance company has to keep the money as long as possible. The lawyer handling a large value negligence case needs to be ready, willing and able to go to trial.

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Hovermale Law: Aviation LawAviation Law

We handle a broad range of aviation related cases, representing people injured in aircraft crashes as well as pilots in matters before the FAA. In addition, we regularly advise a number of aviation businesses and fixed base operators.

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