General Negligence

Hovermale Law—General Negligence Case Law Ken Hovermale handles other large general negligence and personal injury cases such as products liability claims, construction site accidents, severe automobile collisions, premises liability, and inadequate public event security cases.

Sometimes the question of who is liable is clear as in many automobile collisions where the client is rear-ended or broad sided. Other types of general negligence cases are very difficult to prove and are vigorously defended. Products liability cases are usually the most vigorously defended of the general negligence cases. Manufacturers tend to go to great lengths to "defend" their product and early settlements are relatively rare. Even in a clear liability general negligence case, the larger the case value, the more incentive the insurance company has to keep the money as long as possible. That means that a lawyer handling a large case has to be willing to put the case in suit and have it fully prepared for trial. The lawyer handling a large value negligence case needs to show the insurance industry that he is ready, willing and able to go to trial.

Examples of General Negligence Cases

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