Archives of Maine Medical Malpractice News

Eighteenth Edition
Spring 2010

HOSPITAL AQUIRED INFECTIONSA large percentage of the calls we receive are from people who have suffered a hospital-acquired infection. Often these infections develop into very serious problems for the patient involving extended hospital stays, re-operations, home health care, IV...

Seventeenth Edition
Summer 2009

THE ANATOMY OF A SERIOUS INJURY CASE For the busy practitioner in today’s constantly changing legal climate, getting a call from a prospective client with a seriously disabling or catastrophic injury can be a double edged sword.  On one side, there is the exciting...

Sixteenth Edition
Winter 2009

LIENS Picture this: You’ve worked five years on a case; taken twenty or thirty depositions; dealt with multiple liability and damage experts; researched the medicine and the applicable law; briefed yourself on potential evidentiary issues; defended a Motion for Summary...

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